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FREE 3-Day Website Challenge Starts March 21

Posted By Katie Pearse, Monday, March 7, 2016

As customers, we worry our house cleaners will judge our fingerprinted glass, carelessly bang the vacuum into our baseboards, accidentally leave the door open (bye bye Mr. Whiskers!), snoop through our stuff and agree with each other than we are terrible housewives who lack even the most basic cleaning skills and should be completely ashamed of ourselves.

On top of that, we have to deal with the discomfort and stress of prepping and paying.


Wasn't this whole “house cleaner” thing supposed to EASE our anxieties…?

In order to take the leap and try out your cleaning service, she needs to feel instant trust and acceptance with you and your people.

Yet maid service website after website shows her nothing personal, let alone intimate. There's no photo of the owner, the site has no personality, no style, no manifesto, no story. Why would she trust a nameless, faceless website - is this just a scam? Her fears mount and she’s about to GIVE UP… *hits the back button and clicks on the next search result*

Then WOW! Who is THIS?

She’s landed on a website with friendly faces (real people not just stock photos). She clicks over to the “About” page and sees a smiling professional-looking person – the owner of this company. She or he looks like someone she could have a cappuccino with – or maybe even a glass of wine.

She skims a little more – they use eco-friendly cleaning products, send the same cleaners every time, let their clients pay by credit card AND she can book online?! Whoa… now THESE people are speaking her language.

So she clicks on the “book appointment” button and is taken to a simple booking form next to a photo of a happy family that reminds her of her and her family – little Yorkie, twin boys, super handsome husband…

Instantly it clicks in her heart.

“THIS COULD BE ME! THIS COULD BE US! I could be this peaceful, loving and happy. I can picture it now: freshly made beds, gleaming floors, the scent of fresh lemons… WHEN CAN YOU COME!?!?”

She rushes to her purse, gleefully grabs her credit card, and excitedly types in her info.

She books, she pays, she enthusiastically commands Siri to remind her she’s got a house cleaning appointment next Monday morning (as IF she’d forget!). She likes you on Facebook and is instantly immersed in your world, even if only for a few moments.

She leans back. She smiles. “I've got this. I’ve got our lives under control.” She breathes a sigh of relief. You are now her dream come true.

She texts her 10 closest female friends (complete with emoticons) and tell them how excited she is! “I’ll let you know how it goes!”

She thinks, “Everything’s about to be different! I can’t wait to come home on Monday to a sparkling house. I deserve this. I will pre-order dinner for that night from Whole Foods because I am NOT creating a mess in our kitchen that night. Better grab a complementary bottle of wine to accompany the meal. This is going to be SO FANTASTIC.”

Want to learn how to add personality to your website? Want all those visitors to actually BOOK an appointment? Join my FREE 5-day challenge. It starts March 21 and I'll show you exactly how to infuse your sparkling style into your website and social media. 

Because people who like you, know you, trust you, GET YOU? They turn into paying customers.

Join me! The party starts March 21.

Get on the Guest List at

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Top 10 Tools That Will Save Your Business

Posted By Katie Pearse, Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The first 3 years of running my cleaning business were a headachey, jaw-clenching struggle. I was working day and night, 7 days a week. Staff quit without notice (the ones who texted at 7 AM letting me know they weren't coming into work were the GOOD employees!) The expenses never seemed to end: taxes, employment insurance, pension contributions, WCB, insurance, refunds, discounts, products, more Dysons...

Because we were so busy with appointments and a seemingly revolving door of employees, the operations of my company had to be efficient and flawless. I've never found the PROCESS to be a challenge. But the PEOPLE certainly are.

People are emotional, irrational and illogical. The people in your cleaning business are the tricky part. We will begin to tackle that trifecta (customers, cleaners & competitors) later.

Processes can be efficient and professional (phew!), thanks to the incredible tools others have created that you can implement today in your business.

Here are the top 10 tools that saved my business as a very busy entrepreneur:

  1. Scheduling software: Jobber (#1 choice), Fullslate

  2. Websites: Squarespace (#1 choice), WordpressWeebly

  3. Graphic design: CanvaPicMonkey, WordSwag iPhone app (for social media)

  4. Photo editing: Aviary (iPhone app), PicMonkey

  5. Books: The Slight Edge, The Gifts of Imperfection, Conscious Business, Mindful Leadership, How to Never Look Fat Again (kidding but still a good read), Why She Buys (my #1 fave), Customer Service Training 101, The 4-Hour Workweek, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us (my #2 fave), Predictably Irrational (my #2 fave), The Platinum Rule

  6. Email Marketing: MailChimp

  7. Accounting: Freshbooks

  8. Customer data: Wufoo

  9. Lead generation (contests, popups): Wishpond

  10. Keywords/SEO/copywriting: Google Keyword Tool, Melissa Cassera

Remember to join my private Facebook club. I’m excited to get to know you & your business a bit better.
I’ll see you inside!

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Posted By Katie Pearse, Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Updated: Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Wouldn't it be great if EVERYONE hired a cleaning company? Imagine how much easier your life would be! There are three types of people out there looking for cleaning services, and your marketing has to appeal to all three types if you want to get EVERY customer who comes across your website or social media.


"OMG please help me my house is a mess the cat fur is everywhere there is dried stuck-on food all over my floor I don't have time to shower let alone play with my kids AND keep my house in showhome condition and I am going to LOSE MY MIND if I can't hire someone RIGHT NOW to clean this freakin' disaster."


"I deserve a cleaning service because I am very very very busy and realize that outsourcing jobs like cleaning is an extremely effective use of my money. I can afford it, I know it makes perfect sense, and now I am going to explore the many options available to me before I take the plunge."


"I want a cleaning service SO BADLY but I have a million worries about it. Can anyone really clean as well as I can? Don't I have to clean my house BEFORE the maids show up? Can I trust them around my jewelry/dog/baby? Will it be a waste of money? I have heard horror stories from friends, my mom, in the news... I'm so stressed out just thinking about it that I'd rather just do it myself or stay frustrated and unhappy."

Several years ago, I wrote a really popular blog post to help out all the people who fall into category #3. It was called "Nervous?" and I addressed every objection I could think of as to why someone wouldn't hire a cleaning service, even though they wanted to!

Read the original blog post from my website:

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